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Solve a burning pain and people will throw money at you

You are on holiday, in a warm, sunny country. A safari trip. You have been saving quite some money for this trip and you have been preparing this trip for several months.

The sun is setting. You are very tired, and since you are in the middle of nowhere and following the rhythm of nature, you set up your tent and go to sleep. You are exhausted. You close your eyes.



Damn! A mosquito!

The whole damn night you hear that annoying sound right near your ear. Just when you think it’s gone you and you are about to fall asleep…again… BzzzzZZZZZZZzzzzZZT.

You didn’t sleep all night long. You are so tired. You are irritated. You feel a burning frustration and pain.

The second night, the same story. BZZZZZZ. You didn’t sleep, the second night in a row!

MAN! You spent all your money for this trip, you have been preparing it for so long, and now a stupid mosquito will f*ck up your holidays!

You are furious. Extremely irritated. You feel a BURNING PAIN!

OK, now let’s put this story on hold. So, what is the situation you are in?

You have a problem. A pain. A frustration. How much would you pay right now for a solution (a mosquito spray for example) to remove that pain? Exactly: A LOT OF MONEY! It doesn’t really matter anymore how much you actually have to pay: if someone selling mosquito sprays would appear out of nowhere, you would tell him to shut up and take your money for this god d*amn mosquito spray.

I see so many people coming up with imaginary solutions for imaginary problems. Auch. Unless you have millions of marketing budget to create demand for your product (=make people believe that they have a problem by advertising), you better solve a real problem.

You would be amazed how much people are willing to pay you if you take away their pain.

What problem does your product solve? What pain does your business take away from your customers?

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