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Developers, please think wider

Hey developers. Do we really need the next twitter add on, the next backup solution, or the next code editor? Maybe. But for sure, this is also the domain where you can expect tons of competition from people just like you: developers. Avoid a tunnel vision…

If you want your product to take off, you need to solve a problem” is what you hear. “Bonus points if you can scratch your own itch.” And that’s 100% right.

So most developers that want to grow their SaaS or software business are looking around for problems that they can solve. The first things they come up with: we need a better code editor, a backup solution or a web project management software.

Well, let that be exactly the thing that the world does not need! You are solving a problem in an over-crowded space with thousands if not millions of candidates with the right skillset to solve that same problem.

Think wider. There are 1001 problems that

  1. can be solved with software
  2. in markets where people are not thinking technical

What about child care? Older people? Doctors? Car dealers? Children? Runners? Small retailers? Accountants? People getting married soon? Football players? Much less competition if you target one of those niches.

Moreover, developers are less likely to pay for software. They can either build something easy themselves (and it will be more fitting their needs), they will look for free alternatives, or they will find other ways to make use of your software “for free”.


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  1. Hi,

    We have the same ideas: Focus on the non-technical groups!

    What I am doing now is to help non-it entrepreneur to develop business and survival. An nReduce target at non-it small business like food, beverage, drinks, retail stores, and etc.

    I think they need us more than those who have already familiar with IT. And these entrepreneur need tools to make them better than those already exist.

  2. The thing is most developers have already too much stuff on their hands – it is those who have no projects or can afford not to work that are coming up with the new stuff.

    Thinking outside the box is something that all of us can do – but we just need the time to do it. Unfortunately, time is a luxury that not all of us possess.


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