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Bye “Google Reader”, Hello “The Old Reader”

Google Reader users, time is ticking. The first of July, Google Reader will discontinue. I have been looking around for a decent alternative. Decent for me means: a normal reader. Not a “fancy” thing that tries to take decisions on your behalf on what posts are important, which picture to show as a cover, how to display and organise information or tries to be smarter than an airplane cockpit. Feedly and many others try to do this, but they are confusing me more then anything else. I will decide myself which information is important.

The Old Reader ( did it right for me. Simple, clean, minimal. Not too fancy, not too smart. I think it’s the closest to the real Google Reader. And it allows to import your Google Reader account so you can continue reading without interruption.

Oh, btw, when migrating away from Google Reader, don’t forget to take my RSS feed with you. I’ll continue blogging on my challenge “From Service Business To Product Business In 1 Year“, so stay tuned! You can find my RSS feed here:

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  1. I tried out “The Old Reader” and it worked well, but I prefer Feedly. They have really rich iOS apps (native iPhone and iPad) and the experience on the web seems pretty good. What is it about The Old Reader that has you sold?

    • It was the most similar to Google Reader that I could find. But well, hey, Google Reader was just the best… a pity.