make ONE sale, just ONE

How do you know you are going to make a lot of money with your idea?

Simple. By making a little money first. By making one sale. 1 single sale.

If you can’t make one single sale of your product, then tell me how you are going to make thousands of sales? If you can not find one single person on this earth that agrees that your idea is worth it’s 20$, then how will you find those other thousands of customers?

Don’t ask your mother if she would buy your product. Of course she thinks it’s a genius idea. Don’t ask your best friend neither. Don’t even ask anyone “if they would buy” your product. Sell it, for real! Even if you don’t have any product yet, pretend that you have it, and sell it.

Go as far as the moment when they pull their credit card out of their pocket. THAT’S A SIGN. Words are just words. Everyone will like your idea. They say they do. But how many people would buy for real? How many? How many? You don’t know it, do you? Did you try to make a sale?

If you didn’t, you might very likely be loosing months of your life on something that nobody would ever pay for. You assume that they would pay, but you don’t know it since you didn’t figure it out.

First sell it, then build it.

I hear you. “But how can I sell something that I don’t have yet?” Well, we’ll come to that in the next post. Meanwhile, I would be happy if you could share this blogpost (sharing buttons here just below!) or leave a comment. Until then.

Author: Pieter Eerlings

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